Galway Bouncy Castles FAQ

Galway Bouncy Castles FAQ

Galway Bouncy Castles FAQ 

Here you will find all the Galway Bouncy Castles FAQ. We’ve accumulated these questions over time from our Galway customers. We hope this helps..

What time do you deliver the Bouncy Castles?

As early as possible. We want to make sure you get the most out of your rental. We leave our depot at 7am. Exact time depends on the number of stops. But our aim is to have all our castles delivered before 10am. If you want to be the first delivery, why not request an early drop off and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Our most popular Galway Bouncy Castles FAQ ;-). How long do I get the Bouncy Castle for?

This is without doubt our most popular Galway Bouncy Castles FAQ. As stated above we deliver castles from 7am so your kids can get the most out of our castles. We aim to have all our castles delivered before 10am. Collection starts after 6pm.  Late pick ups or extra days rental can be arranged for an additional small fee (subject to availability).

Do I need to prepare in advance?

Yes. Please ensure that your garden is clear for quick set up. Please remove all toys, garden materials, sharp objects and dog litter. The sooner we set up, the sooner your kids are jumping for joy 😉

What sort of surface do I need for my Bouncy Castle?

Preferably grass where your Bouncy Castle can be staked down. The area must be clear of all objects as stated above (toys, sharp objects such as rocks, dog litter). Please also ensure the area is not muddy. We reserve the right to cancel your booking if your surface is not suitable for our castles.

Can your Bouncy Castles be set up on Tarmac, Concrete or in a Community Hall?

Yes. Our castles can also be set up on tarmac / concrete / decking or in a community hall. We use clip on sandbags instead of stakes with extra safety mats and ground sheets to protect your kids and our castles. Unfortunately we are unable to put large slides or obstacle courses on these hard surfaces. Slides and obstacles must be placed on grass only.

How big are your Bouncy Castles, Obstacles and Slides?

Click here for further details on our sizes

What days are you open? 

We hire Bouncy Castles 7 days a week during the Spring, Summer, Autumn months. However we do take a well deserved break from October to March. Please note we’re not completely closed in the winter. We at Galway Bouncy Castles are always open to take bookings, even during the winter for the forthcoming season. Please see below for further details.

How do I book Galway Bouncy Castles?

To book Galway Bouncy Castles simply call 087 1019000 or complete our our booking page. We’ve noticed many of our customers are contacting us through our social media pages (FacebookGoogle+Twitter). If all else fails why not send us an email to There has never been so many ways to book a Bouncy Castle.

How early do I need to book Galway Bouncy Castles?

You can book Galway Bouncy Castles anytime. However we recommend you book as early as possible. Especially if you require a date during the month of May or you have a preference for a particular castle, slide or obstacle course.

Our 2nd most popular Galway Bouncy Castles FAQ. Are all Galway Bouncy Castles clean?

Absolutely. On delivery we hand clean and sanitize the castle to make sure they’re in pristine condition for your rental. Not only that we regularly update our fleet of castles annually to make sure they’re all brand new and in the best possible condition for rental.

How do I pay for my Bouncy Castle?

Currently the only method of payment is cash on delivery. We do not accept cheques or credit cards on delivery. However we are working on a online payments facility.

Do you require a deposit?

No a deposit is  not required. However as the month of May is our busiest month we may introduce a online deposit facility for your peace of mind. You can rest easy that your Bouncy Castle has been booked and deposit paid. As soon as this facility is available (work in progress) we’ll post the details on our website.

Can I cancel the Bouncy Castle at short notice?

No problem at all. Be it change of mind or as a result of our lovely Irish weather. Galway Bouncy Castles can be cancelled right up to the day of delivery. Please be sure to cancel before we leave for your destination.

Our third most popular Galway Bouncy Castles FAQ. What if it rains on the day?

Majority of our castles and even our obstacles have shower covers. Why not request one of these for peace of mind? However Bouncy Castles or Obstacles should not be used in heavy rain for safety reasons. If the day is a wash out, we’ll call you at first light to arrange an alternative day / solution.

Do you supply safety instructions?

Yes, we go through the safety instructions with you before inflating the castle. A disclaimer must also be signed by the persons/organisation hiring the inflatable before we will inflate the castle. 

How much electricity does your fans use?

On average about €2 for the entire day which is not much.

Do you hire to adults?

Unfortunately not. All our Bouncy Castles are for persons under the age of 16.

Do you supply generators?

No. All our castles run off electric fan blowers.

Do you accept online payments?

Not yet. But we’re working on it. We believe it will be a great service to our customers. We’re constantly looking to improve our service and an online payments facility is top of our agenda.